February 6, 2009

How Much Water do You Consume?

Find out your family's water footprint by using this fun tool designed by Kohler!

It's important to remember that a leaky faucet or toilet not only wastes our precious water resources but also increase your consumption and your overall bill. By how much, you ask?
Repair a leaking toilet and you can expect to save about $30 per year, which may not sound like a lot until you realize it equates to 73,000 gallons or 200 gallons a day! A drippy faucet can waste up to 74 gallons per day!
As a general rule of thumb, look for faucets that use 2.0 gpm (gallons per minute) or less and the standard for toilets is around 1.6 gpm. Some toilets are dual-flush allowing you to use more or less water when needed, which is a great invention I think!

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