April 25, 2009

Eco-Friendly Paint with NO Odor!

Each spring many people feel the urge to freshen the look of their home with a new coat of paint. Many people love the look that a fresh new coat of paint can offer but dread the hideous scent that the paint emits into the air. Even if we open the windows and set up fans, it can be tough to take.

This year, as I endeavoured to look for a low or no VOC paint for my guest bedroom, master beedrom and kitchen, I started looking at Home Depot for ideas and what I found was a fantastic paint called Freshaire Choice that has NO Volatile Organic Compounds, NO odor and is actually good for the environment and my family. They even used recycled plastic for their paint cans as well as recycled paper for their paint chips and label including the use of soy-based ink. WOW! I'm impressed! The best part is they claim to have better performance than he likes of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams and are cheaper than many brands.

If you are looking to paint your home this spring, look no further! Home Depot's got the paint you need. Here is a video clip on the Freshaire Choice paint.

Happy Painting!

April 6, 2009

House Plants that Purify Indoor Air

Many houseplants are great at filtering your indoor air. Spider plants for example can remove formaldehyde fumes which are common in most homes from nailpolish to building materials and furniture finishes. Plants also increase oxygen levels and even act as a humidifier.

Before you buy your next houseplant, think about the following which will significantly improve the air quality in your house. They do so by reducing the vapours that are released by chemicals.
Aloe Vera

Bamboo Palm

Boston Fern

Chinese Evergreen


English Ivy


Lady Palm

Peace Lily


Rubber Plant

Spider Plant

Weeping Fig

One of my favorites was given to me by a client, it's the peace lily. It can suck up ammonia, acetone (think nailpolish remover here!) as well as ethyl acetate, benzene and also formaldehyde from the air.It has many green leaves and small stems with beautiful white flowers that bloom year round. This plant doesn't need or like a lot of direct sunlight and if you forget to water, it will simply wilt a little and the minute you re-water it, it perks back up, it's very resilient.

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